Aims and Objectives

The conception of Nidan came after considerable speculation on how Nepali doctors and other health practitioners can be more socially accountable in their work. We aim to improve health by incorporating healthy living in wider aspects of life. At present (September 2012) we are small and new, our focus right now will be health advocacy – with awareness raising programs and training of trainers. As we gain experience, we hope to provide basic primary health services as well.

Mission Statement

Nidan is a community oriented health movement that strives to bring holistic healthy changes in the way people live in rural parts of Nepal. Nidan provides leadership and representation on health related issues and supports the growth and development of the community sector to better support and serve people of the community.


Our vision is a healthier, more aware Nepal where people from all unreachable crevices of the country have equal reach to health, and collaboration between health providers and educators propagates positive changes.


All our goals are directed towards providing healthier futures for rural Nepali communities. They include:

  1. Train local human resources to conduct health related awareness raising programs and provide primary health care.
  2. Empower women.
  3. Educate rural populations.
  4. Ensure water and sanitation provisions in rural communities.
  5. Strive towards the alleviation of hunger in rural communities.
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