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The strength of any organization is measured by its members. Nidan is still in its infancy and we are looking for people who are willing to be part of this movement to bring positive changes and primary health care to rural corners of Nepal.

To become a member of this not for profit, non governmental organization, the initial fee is NRs.100 followed by yearly contributions of NRs. 50. Please Note – As of April 2013, Nidan  membership fee has been decreased by 10x (from previous NRs.1000 and NRs.500) . This money will help us run our office and most of it will directly go to the field. We are, at the moment, setting up a web based accounting system named “N-Wallet” or “Nidan Wallet” which will show all our income and expenses. We believe in transparency and honesty.

Membership at the moment, is restricted to Nepali citizens only. We are working with the Nepal government and local bodies for a broader membership criteria. 

Volunteer Positions

Nidan’s work has only just started and there is a great need for help in our proposed future projects, especially when it comes to field work within Nepal.

Right now, we only accept volunteers for positions posted formally on Volunteer Page. But if you feel that you have an offer we cannot turn away, email us at Please understand, however, that we may not be able to respond to all inquiries.

Get involved!

We are new to social health. Our team is new, and in some way may be less experienced in certain areas. We, however, strive to better ourselves from every little help we can get. Your experience counts, and we are open to suggestions. Become our eyes and ears, let us know of the news that we care about, and help us mold Nidan into a model organization. Tell us about our strengths and shortcomings, connect us to people and places that matter.

“Bodhi” initiative

We would like to know more, and share even more of social health in Nepal. With increasing mobile internet presence, Team Nidan looks for volunteers who are able to share news and events important to our socio-cultural demography. We also believe in creating new content, and sharing it for free. We have a small dream to consolidate the medical news media in Nepal, and then translate it into as many regional dialects as possible. To create a mobile hub for health information. Nidan believes is HIFA2015 and its fundamentals to prove health information to all. Help us spread our awareness campaigns. You are invited to collaborate, lead or assist us for this small dream.

Donate / Invest

If you would like to donate or invest in Nidan’s work, please visit our donation page.

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