Volunteer Positions

Nidan’s work has only just started and there is a great need for help in our proposed future projects, especially when it comes to field work within Nepal.

Right now, we only accept volunteers for positions posted formally on this page. But if you feel that you have an offer we cannot turn away, email us at mail@nidan.org.np. Please understand, however, that we may not be able to respond to all inquiries.

We are looking for volunteers. Initiative and creative – one who understands our vision of holistic health approach. Looking for those that can bend reality, accept weird challenges, and work through convoluted Nepali system. Some craziness may be required. What are we looking for specifically? You tell me – Describe yourself best to fit among our vision, and tell us what you want to learn/gain from Team Nidan. 


Does Nidan have monetary incentives for volunteers? or internists?

No, not yet. We still are small, and work pretty much unpaid. Our group of less than ten members don’t take any salaries, and are here for something bigger an incentive for us – to be able to learn and educate ourselves. Learn about the health needs, service and outcomes from a perspective previously known very little to us.

We offer education and networking. We offer a cup of coffee and lots of cooperation in holistic health approach. We try to offer a platform for creativity.


What is the difference between becoming a member? or a volunteer?

The membership fee goes to Nidan bank account. In a way, this is a small contribution from you, to Nidan for its yearly budgetary needs. As of April 2013 we’ve decreased our membership fee to a bare minimum. To become a member of this not for profit, non governmental organization, the initial fee is NRs.100 followed by yearly contributions of NRs.50. More on membership details can be found here.


Why did we decrease the membership fee?

  1. Affordability. Team Nidan wishes its member to be able to afford this membership. We would like to eliminate any economic disparity among the potential members in Urban areas like in Kathmandu and rural/remote villages like Dhanauji  and Takhlung VDC.
  2. Variability. Nidan is based on the principles of providing holistic health service and community driven development. We hope to build a team/member platform with wide variety of background – Occupational, Educational, Medical and Non-Medical. Won’t this be chaos? May be, but we look forward for a bigger brain storming – albeit in a managed way.


Seriously, what can I volunteer for?

Go through our work/activities. You may find areas that may interest you. You may find areas where Nidan needs a lot of catching up and tutoring. We are a small team, and our experience runs as far back as 2011. This is not much. We need all kinds of help, and we are looking forward for a collaborative approach, with the end goal being – a healthier Nepal.

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