About Nidan

Nidan (निदान) is a not for profit, non-governmental, non-religious, non-political organization in Nepal that focuses on preventive health, primary health care, and maternal and child health at the level of Nepali communities. All our efforts are driven by a vision of a socially equitable, healthy future for every Nepali. Nidan is steered by a diverse board made up of members from all walks of life.

We believe that health practitioners should see things in their entirety and not just treat one disease in one person.

 The concept for this organization took root after a group of health workers pondered upon the social responsibility of health practitioners, especially medical school graduates. As an abstraction, ‘social responsibility’ in the field of health is largely thrown around without any special thought. It has become one of those trendy new phrases that are on everyone’s lips but are seldom actually carried out. As recent graduates in the field of medicine, the Nidan team is zealous and innovative in its approach. We believe in bringing about health in a community not merely through individual curative care but through public health practices that cure the community as a whole. Thus, the name of our organization is the common term used in Nepal for cure or solution to any problem- ‘Nidan’. This involves improvement in four key areas- education, water and sanitation, food, and medicine or health services.
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